Welcome to the world of IMAGINO

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Our innovation advisory practice supports companies in two steps. First, our advisory team would assess your staff and your organization with a proprietary IMAGINOŽ assessment tool. Second, after the initial assessment phase, we would engage your staff in needed training programs that will eliminate identified gaps in individual creativity and organizational innovative capabilities.

1. What is IMAGINOŽ and how does it work?

IMAGINOŽ was originally designed because there was no tool on the global market that measures individual and organizational creativity and innovation potential in one go. IMAGINOŽ utilizes the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and organizational behavior to craft a very holistic assessment. The tool was tested by an independent psychometric institute in Vienna, Austria, resulting in 700 pages of statistical analysis, and proving that the tool is scientifically valid and reliable. Thus, IMAGINOŽ is one-of-a-kind assessment tool on the global market.

  • IMAGINOŽ is a holistic, global and digital tool that provides companies and individuals with quantitative results pointing out their strengths and developmental areas in regard to relevant creativity & innovation indicators or drivers.
  • IMAGINOŽ consists of 9 individual drivers and 6 organizational drivers of creativity and innovation, which clarify focus areas to further stimulate creative activity and innovation within organizations. The indicators identify individual and corporate gaps by benchmarking vs. a global gold standard (top 10% scores of our proprietary database) as well as vs. the average scores of the database, pinpointing where the gaps are.
  • IMAGINOŽ is user-friendly, and exists in English and German languages.

2. Training and coaching

Based on the obtained assessment results, our innovation specialists can design and implement the following types of training programs:

  1. Group training sessions (1-2 days long, with an option for arts-based learning)

  2. Webinars

  3. Coaching programs

  4. One-on-one  feedback sessions on IMAGINOŽ results.

All types of training programs are designed to close the identified gaps, to boost individual creativity, and overall corporate innovation capabilities.